Grow Revenues in Chiropractic Clinic With Point of Service Sales of Retail Products

In 2006, two out of three chiropractors increased billings (67%), while almost ninety percent (88.3%) of chiropractors sold retail products to patients. At an average $28.5 collections per patient visit (PVA), retail product sales to patients remains a major revenue source. But for junior practitioners with a humble patient growth record, point of service sales is the fastest way to increase practice revenue.

An added benefit of such sales is improved patient relationship. By offering your patients quality products that enrich their lives outside of your office, you demonstrate your care. Your patients are reminded of you – and of your care about them – every time they use the products you sell them. Better patient loyalty means lower attrition, frequent referrals and, eventually, improved profits.

Stick to familiar products. Offer products you use during your treatments. Offer items like topical analgesics, hot and cold packs, orthopedic pillows and supports, water-based pillows, herbal packs, massage tools, lotions, oils, butters, scrubs, aromatherapy, etc., which can be used in your office to benefit your patients daily.

Maintain exclusivity. Choose products not available in retail stores. Patients feel special if you offer products they can not find in mass retail markets.

Display. Set up retail displays in both waiting room area and the treatment room. Make sure the patients can feel, touch, sample, read about the benefits of the products, and ask you questions, giving you an opportunity to talk about their benefits.

Manage accounting. Best billing systems manage both healthcare claims and point of service sales records uniformly, without imposing extra complexities on practice management. The challenge is to process healthcare claims with insurance companies while leaving point of sales records aside and still produce correct sales and balance reports for each patient.

How Can Beautiful Packaging Increase The Sales Of Your Retail Shop?

Customers Point of View

Customers usually see and check the packaging by touching the product they are attracted to. When customers have a vast choice to pick from the products that are displayed on the shelves of the store, then they decide a product which has a good packaging. Packaging surely makes a difference in customer’s mind in finding what gets observed and ultimately purchased. At times, product packaging turns into an extension of the product itself.

Beautiful packaging increase the sales of your retail shop

Company retailers try to make the product’s packaging design eye-catching and exclusive enough for individuals to notice. It basically maximizes the chances of transforming actual packaging notice to tangible sales. There are different methods through which the right packaging of a product is chosen. Business owners hire professionals to deal with the packaging designs. Packaging depends on various things like:

• Materials

• Designs

• Printing

• Add ribbons and other decorative items

These things together have a huge effect on the sales activities of the products.

When you are considering packaging designs, then you should have an understanding of demographics. Retail Boxes designs should be attractive enough according to the target consumers. There are some popular manufacturers continually change their retail boxes wholesale packaging designs to increase their sales. Some of the popular brands can have unique labels for local distribution and exclusive design for regional selling. Different stores that are small usually keep those products that are in demand and good in packaging to attract consumers.

However, the big stores used to keep all types of packaging products. They keep the good packaging products in front rows and the ones that are not so attractive in the last outlets. In a retail shop, competing products are placed on the same shelves. Consumers can easily get to know about the quality of your packaging and of your competitors. Due to this reason, you can easily come to know which type of packaging design you have to keep. Eye-catching packaging design makes consumer take a second look on the specific product. If the retail boxes packaging is beautiful, it would surely make consumers curious and they will be influenced to purchase the product.

Functional packaging

Functional packaging can also help in repeating sales from the consumers. Packaging which improves the storage space and functionality of product will make consumers come back to the store to make an additional sale. However, consumers do not like a retail packaging that is difficult to manage or store. Also, sensitive retail boxes wholesale can also damage the product. Consumers would not purchase the same product again. So, looks and functionality, both are important to increase the sales of your retail shop.

Business marketing firms

Different business marketing firms hire designers whose basic job is to keep an eye on the latest trends of products and services that attract consumers. Packaging designs must be incorporated into a supplier’s product promotion technique to have a strong impact on the purchasing public. Packaging designers should understand the trends carefully. Your product packaging design should draw attention to latest trends to attract the consumers. Innovative labels and printing designs can also maximize the profitability of the product. It can also help in keeping higher consumer demand.

Display Mannequin in Retail Store Environment is Effective Sales Tool

They were the subject of a cheesy movie that became one of the biggest hits of 1987. They were the subject of an even cheesier 1991 sequel. They have also arguably become one of the most prominent and powerful tools among successful clothing retailers worldwide. And mannequins continue to play a growing role in retail clothing sales today.

Beyond being unlikely movie stars, Mannequins are among the most effective sales tools in a retail clothing environment. But mannequins don’t just sell the clothes they are wearing. They are actually important tools for selling all of the clothes around them as well. Mannequins show customers what the store is all about and they create an image within the mind of what to expect from the clothes the store carries.

The biggest thing that mannequins provide is a beacon to certain areas of the store. Mannequins dressed a certain way tell people who are in tune with that particular style that this area of the store is for them. They also are the most visible elements of the store from the outside. This is especially important in large malls where window shopping is the name of the game.

It is important that retailers think of their mannequins as an element of interior design within the store. Mannequins are important tools for all clothing retailers because they contribute to the store’s overall ambience and personality. More than any other element of the store, the way mannequins are positioned and dressed tells passersby and shoppers what type of customer your store caters to. Be sure that the mannequins’ appearance supports the mood and flavor you seek to create in the store.

The most important thing to remember is that customers view their favorite shopping destinations as reflections of their own personality. As a result, it is important to use mannequins to display your products in a way that your target customers will identify with.